Music by Dapper



I almost gave up on this song two times!  But instead I kept approaching it from a new angle until it worked.  That's why I named the song Agile.  Thank you for listening.

Go To The Moon


Dapper's unique genre of happy instrumental hip-hop forges on in this latest release, To The Moon.  Utilizing a sample of John F Kennedy from NASA's public archive, this song strives to convey the feelings of excitement associated with starting something as new and exciting as going to the Moon.  Thank you for listening.



This song release defines my new, unique sound that I've been crafting for almost 3 years. I hope my music makes people feel happy ☺️ and I think that shines through in Bubbles. Please enjoy!

Moment To Freak Out


Sometimes things get pretty heavy, but all you need is a moment freak out and then you'll be alright.



Creativity can hit at any instant. At one moment there's nothing, and then BAAM! Presenting Dapper's premier EP, BAAM! Dapper is a long-standing DJ and producer from Salt Lake City, Utah, and his first official EP release offers complex baselines with classic trance sounds. Mixing electro, trap, neurofunk, and breakbeats, it's proof that you can start with nothing, and then suddenly ...BAAM!

Check It Out


New tune! It's like going on an adventure, discovering something amazing, and kicking its ass! Check it out! <3 -Dapper

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